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Thank you for visiting! This site - operating since May 1995 - consolidates a wide variety of information from around the world, and from many different perspectives, the subjects of telecommuting, teleworking, the virtual office, and related topics. If you look at the Site Map you can get a quick overview of the layout and content of the site, and you'll also find a search engine to help you find what you need in the site.

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The site is sponsored by Gil Gordon Associates, an acknowledged expert in the implementation of telecommuting and telework. For more information on his consulting, training, and presentations go to the About GGA section.

Here's a comment we received recently from a visitor to the site; it is gratifying to read comments like this because they show that our goal for this site is being accomplished:

"Your site is a great reference. I'm actually overwhelmed by the volume of information you have links to - not to mention that I like the layout of the site!"

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