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Provide Furniture? No Yes Decision left to local mgmt & employee. Corporate provides ergonomic and "how-to" on the web. Can order furniture on-line. May be put into inventory tracking system if it meets a certain $$ value. Yes, at manager discretion Yes No Provide chair only to "primary" teleworkers (primary = more than 3 days a week). Yes, only if 4-5 days a week, job must be a "desk" job requiring the individual to be primarily tied to the desk (I.e. phone reps, transfer agents, and software developers and programmers) does NOT include outside sales or account reps
Provide furniture for part-time telecommuters? No Yes-both F/T and P/T must give up dedicated office - Yes, at manager discretion On a case-by-case basis No Yes, as above No
Employee required to return furniture? No Yes, either furniture or $ within 1st year - No formal process No N/A Yes Yes
Furniture re-deployed? No No - Assumption is it would be re-used N/A N/A Yes Yes
Stipend in lieu of furniture? No Yes - No Yes At discretion of telecommuter's director Yes Stipend offered for setting up office, not specifically for furniture. How or what the employee spends it on is not dictated (i.e. may want additional homeowner's insurance).
How much? No Up to $1000, depending upon need - N/A Up to $450 plus chair at cost of $200 Not disclosed - discretionary Up to $1500 at manager's discretion $2000 if furniture is offered, up to $10,000 if furniture is not offered
Other comments? In future, may include stipend, require giving up office space, reimburse company if leaving within specific time period (1 Yr?) May also get furniture from warehouse and BU pays for shipping. Don't specify what or where purchased. Employees sign "Safe Home Office" document. Furniture available from furniture vendors as option. $1000 seems to be minimum needed including shipping and installation - Developed proposal to reimburse employee up to $1000 for furniture and non-computer equipment in exchange for giving up assigned office space. Proposal expected to be approved this summer or fall. Furniture must meet ergonomic criteria posted on intranet Prefer to have employees use web-based ordering system but will reimburse if they go to local store. - This is a proposed policy only, pilot planned for 2nd or 3rd Qtr. Furniture provided includes a primary work surface (~ 5' long) sit-to-stand with adjustable mouse platform, chair and lockable storage appropriate to the job. Additional items are the responsibility of the employee. If employee doesn't want furniture offered, they must sign a waiver stating they refused the offered items and that they have received information on ergonomic principles in a home office. In order to simplify the delivery and removal, as well as save costs, the furniture delivery is linked to the delivery of the computer equipment.