Nature Views and Viewpoints for December
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"All color - local, reflected, translucent, complementary - is, of course, made possible by light and has no existence apart from it. Through the long desert day the sunbeams are weaving skeins of color across the sands, along the sides of the canyons, and about the tops of the mountains. They stain the ledges of copper with turquoise, they burn the buttes to a terra-cotta red, they paint the sands with rose and violet, and they key the air to the hue of the opal."

By John C. Van Dyke, in Words for the Wild

"My place of refuge is a wilderness canyon in southern Utah. Its scale is exactly right. Smooth curves of sandstone embrace and cradle me. From the road, I cross a mile of slickrock to reach the stream. This creek runs year-round, banked by orchids and ferns. Entering the tangle of greenery, I rediscover paradise. The canyon is a secret, a power spot, a place of pilgrimage."

By Stephen Trimble, in Testimony: Writers of the West Speak on Behalf of Utah Wilderness


Two of the writers whose work I find impressive are Edward Abbey and Henry David Thoreau. There are excellent Web sites devoted to them and their writing and careers, and you'll probably enjoy them if you are interested in these themes.

You might like to visit the Abbey site.

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