Nature Views and Viewpoints for January
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"A landscape as splendid as that of the Colorado Plateau can best be understood and given human significance by poets who have their feet planted in concrete - concrete data - and by scientists whose heads and hearts have not lost their capacity for wonder ... for more and more of us who now live here, the great plateau and its canyon wilderness is a treasure best enjoyed through the body and spirit."

Edward Abbey, in THE JOURNEY HOME

"I happen to be one of those, and we are not a few, to whom the acute awareness of a natural phenomenon, especially of a phenomenon of the living world, is the thing most likely to open the door to that joy we cannot analyze"

Joseph Wood Krutch, in The Mystique of the Desert

(Note from Gil Gordon: This sunset image, of a mountain called the Watchman in Zion National Park, is one of my favorites. It took three sunsets and about thirty exposures to capture the mountain, the light, the stream, and the clouds as I wanted to remember them.)


Two of the writers whose work I find impressive are Edward Abbey and Henry David Thoreau. There are excellent Web sites devoted to them and their writing and careers, and you'll probably enjoy them if you are interested in these themes.

You might like to visit the Abbey site.

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