Nature Views and Viewpoints for February
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"But now, as I walked, I found myself looking at the rock more closely, thinking it more closely, feeling it more closely. It seemed as if all at once I could recognize, in some new and more thorough way - without any sense of revelation, just with an easy acceptance - how time, sandpapering rock, had created harmony and beauty."

Colin Fletcher's "Rock" in The Man Who Walked Through Time

"Glen Canyon, once the most serenely beautiful of all the canyons of the Colorado River, is now Lake Powell, impounded by the Glen Canyon Dam. It is called a great recreational resource ... But I come back to Lake Powell reluctantly and skeptically, for I remember Glen Canyon as it used to be."

Wallace Stegner's "Glen Canyon Submersus" in The Sound of Mountain Water


Two of the writers whose work I find impressive are Edward Abbey and Henry David Thoreau. There are excellent Web sites devoted to them and their writing and careers, and you'll probably enjoy them if you are interested in these themes.

You might like to visit the Abbey site.

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