Nature Views and Viewpoints for March
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"The canyon curves deeply to the left and right, sinuous as a snake, no more willing to follow a straight line than is anything else true and beautiful and good in this world."

Edward Abbey's "Fun and Games on the Escalante" in SLICKROCK

"In the canyons you do not have the sweep of sky, the long views, the freedom of movement on foot, but you do have the protection of cliffs, the secret places, the cool water, arches and bridges and caves, and the sunken canyon stillness ..."

Wallace Stegner's "Glen Canyon Submersus" in
The Sound of Mountain Water


Two of the writers whose work I find impressive are Edward Abbey and Henry David Thoreau. There are excellent Web sites devoted to them and their writing and careers, and you'll probably enjoy them if you are interested in these themes.

You might like to visit the Abbey site.

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