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Gil Gordon is known around the world as one of the foremost telecommuting experts. Since establishing his consulting practice in 1982, he has specialized in helping private- and public-sector firms establish successful telecommuting programs, and in advising providers of products and services on effective marketplace strategies.
From October 1984 through May 1999, Gordon published the monthly industry newsletter TELECOMMUTING REVIEW for employers and vendors, has co-authored two books, and helped produce the management videos "Telecommuting in the '90s Myth vs. Reality" and "The Virtual Office."
The TELECOMMUTE conference was Gil Gordon's annual conference and networking opportunity. Held annually from 1992 through 1998, TELECOMMUTE demonstrated his early and continuing commitment to serving the needs of professionals like yourself. The conference has been put on "sabbatical" status; click here to learn why.
He was inducted into the Telework Hall of Fame by the International Telework Association and Council (ITAC) at its 1999 conference. The award noted that "Gil Gordon is a globally known pioneer in fostering telecommuting and telework concepts. The Telework Hall of Fame Award, the highest honor bestowed by the International Telework Association & Council, is given to Gil for his sustained and lasting contributions toward creating well-planned and well-managed telework programs benefiting employers, employees, and society as a whole." (You can see the full text of the award here.)
Gil's speaking engagements have been keeping him busy too - his recent and upcoming conference stops (both in person and by videoconference or Web conference) include Toronto, London, Atlanta, Quebec, San Francisco, Montreal, New York City, and Washington, DC.

We are facing the ultimate good news - bad news situation: the good news about the explosive growth of mobile technology is that people can work just about anytime, anywhere - and the bad news is the same thing.

That's why I'm glad to report that my newest book TURN IT OFF: How to Unplug from the Anytime-Anywhere Office Without Disconnecting Your Career has been published by the Three Rivers Press unit of Random House. It is available for for sale online and in bookstores. You can read more about the book and related resources at the book book site.

We launched this site in May 1995 with approximately 50 links, and a predominantly text-only design. Now we add or update almost that many new links each month; readership has grown dramatically, and the offerings and design of the site have changed kaleidoscopically. We look forward to reading and hearing your ideas on new and different things we can be doing as we work together to evolve and grow the site. The primary purpose of the site is to be your worldwide information resource about telecommuting and telework, and to save you time and effort in your own research or program design - let us know how we can help you do this better.

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Available Books Co-Authored by Gil Gordon

Teleworking Explained
by Mike Gray, Noel Hodson, Gil Gordon, Ron Penny

Telecommuting : How to Make It Work for You and Your Company
by Gil E. Gordon, Marcia M. Kelly

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