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If you're visiting this site to help you with a news story, research project, or student assignment, welcome! We've tried to build a site that will meet your needs for information about all aspects of telecommuting - technology, policies, real estate, social issues, and many more.

One of the real challenges in doing research in this field is to narrow down your specific interest. The longer I'm involved in telecommuting, the more I think it's just the tip of a very large and interesting iceberg. The visible tip is this activity we call telecommuting - but the most interesting aspects are just below the surface. They include topics such as managerial skill, uses of technology, real estate, employee preferences and values, and what I call "life after bureaucracy."

If I can help with your research, please contact me. If you are a reporter or journalist, please feel free to contact me by email or phone (732-329-2266) so we can discuss your interests. I can help you better if you'll be sure to let me know about your deadline so I can contact you in time.

Are You A Student?
PLEASE read the next section BEFORE contacting me:

One of the features of this site is to serve as a worldwide resource about telecommuting and telework, to save time and effort for students and other researchers. I am always glad to try to help students with their papers and projects - and especially graduate students who are suffering through the thesis or dissertation process. Having been there, I empathize with you.
HOWEVER - please follow these ground rules when contacting me:

  1. The fact that you have left your assignment for the last minute is your problem, not mine. E-mail that comes in with phrases like "my assignment is already late" or "please hurry - my paper is due tomorrow" will be ignored. Sorry, but I can't drop everything to help you meet your deadline.

  2. Please don't expect me to define your research or come up with a topic for your paper. I will be glad to comment on a couple of alternatives you propose, but requests like "what should I write about?" will be ignored.

  3. Similarly, if you are looking for answers to specific questions, please limit those to two or three questions AND make sure you have already looked through this site before asking me for help. A good place to start is the FAQs but you should also go through the Worldwide Resources, where there are hundreds of resources and links to check.

  4. I don't do any market research myself, so I don't have any data on numbers of telecommuters in various countries, occupations, etc. If you are looking for this data AND have already looked elsewhere, please let me know specifically what you need and I'll try to point you in the right direction, or give you the numbers if I happen to have them from another source.

  5. Finally, be sure that your e-mail address shows up in the header of you message to me. Some university e-mail systems send only a generic address, especially if you're using a computer in a library or other public place. Just to be safe, please include your desired return e-mail address in the body of your message.

Thank you,
Gil Gordon

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