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The following sections include telecommuting trade and professional associations, telecommuting mail-lists and newsgroups.

Trade and Professional Associations

Telecommuting related Newsgroups
Trade and Professional Associations

American Telecommuting Association promotes telecommuting, runs a moderate e-mail discussion group, and conducts surveys and awareness-building events.

The Association for Commuter Transportation is a membership organization that focuses on transportation alternatives that will reduce traffic congestion. Among the resources on the ACT site is a listing of local (US only) transportation management associations (TMAs) and other commuter assistance organizations.

Canadian Telework Association

The Consumer Electronics Association's site includes a section on home networking and also includes links to other resources.

Consumer Electronics Association has an extensive teleworking initiative that includes position papers and other resources to support telework.

DSL Forum was established to help telephone companies and their suppliers develop and market DSL (digital subscriber line) technology, and to help users make best use of this technology.

Economic TeleDevelopment Forum is described as a source of "information, thought-provoking ideas, and commentary on the direct relationship between telecommunications infrastructure investment, and sustainable community economic development."

Home Phoneline Network Alliance- A multi-company organization has been created to encourage high-speed home networking solutions over existing phone lines.

Interactive Multimedia Collaborative Communications Alliance is a portal site for information on conferencing and collaboration technologies.

ITAC (formerly the International Telework Association and Council) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the economic, social and environmental benefits of teleworking and mobile work.

Metropolitan Atlanta Telecommuting Advisory Council (MATAC) serves the metropolitan Atlanta, GA area.

Mid-Atlantic Telecommuting Advisory Council (MATAC) serves the metropolitan Washington, DC area.

Positively Broadband is an industry-supported coalition promoting increased demand for residential broadband services by stimulating new content and applications best suited for broadband transmission.

SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) America serves the needs of the new home office professional.

The Telework Coalition is dedicated to the advancement of telework and telecommuting and those who support it.

The Telework Consortium has the goal of "improving remote collaboration and security through ultra-high bandwidth and virtual presence."

NewThe Telework Exchange is "a public-private partnership focused on demonstrating the tangible value of telework and facilitating communication among teleworkers, telework managers, and IT professionals"; it offers a range of seminars and reports.

The "Virtual Volunteering Project" is a Web-based project to "encourage and assist in the development of volunteer activities that can be completed off-site via the Internet. Virtual volunteering allows agencies to expand the benefits of their volunteer programs, by allowing for more volunteers to participate, and by utilizing volunteers in new areas. This type of volunteering helps agencies to further cultivate community support and to augment staff resources and existing volunteer program benefits." While this is not about telecommuting/telework, we might call it "televolunteering."

W.I.S.E. is the Work, Information Society and Employment forum which has emerged from the EC's DIPLOMAT project (the European Telework Charter). Among its objectives are to "provide an informed, neutral environment for people concerned with employment, including national, regional and local government, trade unions, employers, trade associations and social partners, to debate work and employment aspects of the Information Society," and "be international; inviting research, contributions and participation from people and organisations throughout the world, reflecting the importance of global and trans-border aspects of telework and tele-business."
Telecommuting-related Newsgroups
alt.support.telecommute (American, not much activity)

uk.business.telework (Primarily British subject matter) - This newsgroup went moderated on January 1st 1998. This was to remove the high level of off topic posts which had contributed to the newsgroups demise over the last two years. The Support and Moderation team for the newsgroup consist of 9 volunteers, who have given up their own time to revive this useful resource for the teleworking community.
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