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There are various Web sites and commercial online services offering a variety of information about telecommuting/telework and related topics. This section also contains links to journals and magazines that are published only online. In addition, we have included in this section some humor sites just to give you a chance for a little diversion.


Also take a look at the online conferences area in the conferences section for more online resources that are available.
"100 Top Telecommuting Websites" is a portal/clearinghouse sponsored by the World Environmental Organization.

Angus TeleManagement provides a comprehensive

site with extensive information about telecommunications topics primarily in Canada but also including some worldwide resources and links.

IPxStream has information about voice/fax over IP telephony.

The Centre for Rural Social Research at Charles Stuart University in Australia maintains a

directory of links on rural telecommunications topics.


Center for Urban Transportation Research, funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Florida Department of Transportation, has ongoing research projects in several demand-management areas. The Center has a listserv dedicated to telework and is establishing a National Transportation Demand Management (TDM) and Telework Clearinghouse. You can join the listservs (telework or TDM) here.

COMPUTERWORLD's Web site includes a Services center listing forums, research reports and more information for IT topics.

Cyberling eMeeting Service conducts free global online events and discussions for teleworkers.

"Deep Fun" is Bernie DeKoven's site about the "theory and practices of community, institutional, and personal funiatry."


Dictionary of Management Jargon is a terrific source of education and entertainment about words and phrases commonly used - but not always commonly understood - in the business world.

Dilbert: The Lighter Side Of Telecommuting - Scott Adams, the cartoon chronicler of telecommuting and other foibles of the 1990s office, has a Dilbert home page.The Dilbert Zone.

A "Do-it-Yourself Home Telework Cost-Benefit Analysis" tool developed by JALA Associates is available.

DSLReports.com provides extensive information about DSL service providers, installation suggestions, FAQs and much more.

E-COMMUTair - The Telework Impact Estimation Tool is offered by the Consortium on Green Design and Manufacturing, at the University of California, Berkeley. The tool "enables users to estimate the net environmental impacts of telework as well as non-telework and telework impacts separately, as they relate to transportation, electronic and electrical equipment use at home and in the office, lighting use at home and in the office and heating and cooling at home and in the office."

"Ergonomics at Work" is a very comprehensive site covering all aspects of ergonomics - seating, posture, furniture, and much more. This is an excellent resource for telecommuters who are setting up - or having discomfort in - their home offices.

The Ework Forum is an online discussion forum for researchers and practitioners interested in mobile work and related topics, and also includes a listing of recent developments, event notices, etc.

Content Village is a resource clearinghouse about remote work, particularly in Europe.

Fanning Out, News and Analysis from the World of Distributed Work is a weekly column by Toni Kistner, former Network World editor and long time Telework Beat columnist. Published weekly as a newsletter and posted online at http://www.fanningout.com. Fanning Out explores the paths and roadblocks to full scale distributed work (which includes traditional telework, telecommuting, mobile, virtual and remote work, as well as their impact on the organization as a whole), the people, companies and organizations leading the way, and how distributed work impacts our lives, communities and the globe.

"Flexibility" is a free online newsletter with "resources for new ways of working." It is published by HOP Associates, a UK-based flexible work options consultancy.

NewFlexibility Works - Assisting Workplace Flexibility in Retail" is maintained by the Australian Government Department of Employment and Workplace Relations. It is designed to help employers in Australia's biggest industry, the retail industry, implement flexible work practices to manage the day-to-day needs of their workforce as well as predicted workforce trends.

The "Forum fuer Telekooperation", or "Council for Telecooperation" was formed at the Technical University of Munich. The purpose of the forum is to focus research and discussion on the broad field of "telecooperation" which includes many forms of electronic interchanges for various purposes. This site is in German only.

Free Agent Nation is "the research center, information hub, and gathering place for people working on their own" created by FAST COMPANY contributing editor Dan Pink. The site does not contain any job listings, but includes information and insights about the trend toward various forms of self-employment, or "free agency."

Gil Gordon's interview about the role of telecommuting in the employee recruitment and selection business is available on the "Interviews" page at the

Xtreme Recruiting site.

Green Commute is Jason Gregg's site with information about telecommuting/telework, including resources for employers and employees.

HR GOpher is a very comprehensive HR portal site with "over 20,000 links" divided into more than 70 HR topics, including telecommuting.

InnoVisions Canada provides an excellent online newsletter about global telecommuting/telework news and developments.

An "International Bibliography on Telework and Remote Work" (dated October 2000) has been prepared by Anne de Beer and GÉrard Blanc of the Eurotechnopolis Institute. It is available in

French and English.

Jugglezine is a biweekly "webzine" about balancing work and life, and it also includes features on home-office design and effectiveness tips.

June Langhoff's Telecommuting Resource Center is an online guide to various telecommuting issues and resources, as well as information about her books on telecommuting and mobile work.

The "Mobile Management Forum" is part of The Open Group, a cross-industry group working on interoperability issues. This Forum is concerned with various aspects of mobile and distributed computing needs and activities.

MundoTeletrabajo (Telework World) is an online publication (in Spanish) about the field of telework, with information of interest to teleworkers and employers.

Net.Worker's telework/remote work

site includes a special technology section listing and describing many of the common technologies useful for telework and remote work of various forms.

The NEW YORK TIMES published "When Dials Were Round and Clicks Were Plentiful" on October 7, 1999; the article described the passions of collectors of rotary (dial) telephones and other old telephone memorabilia. Also included was an extensive list of links to sites about old phones, telephone and telecom industry history, and related topics - well worth a look if you want to trace the history of phones and the industry overall:

NewsTrove.com includes a section with telecommuting news highlights; this is a news "portal" site with links back to the article sources.

NewNoel Hodson, a UK-based telework consultant, compiles and frequently updates a compendium of global telework statistics and related data.

NJIT offers a wide range of Distance Learning courses at the bachelor's and master's level, plus certificate programs, in IT and related fields. Remote workers can become remote learners, and earn their degrees or simply brush up on specific skills.

Office.com is a diverse online portal for many kinds of business information. It has an excellent search engine that provides links and resources from its own site and on the Web; use it to search for "telecommuting" or "telework".

PlanetIT is an online service with various services and resources for the IT community, including a Mobile Computing forum.

Road Trip America (r) is an online newsletter and information source for the mobile worker who relies on wired or wireless connections from just about anywhere.

"Road Work," the "newsletter for the mobile professional," is available from YouCanWorkFromAnywhere.com.

The Rural Telework project at Washington State University focuses attention on research on the uses of telework to help create jobs and employment in rural areas. One resource available from this project is an archived copy of a June 25, 2002 broadcast of a rural telework seminar titled "Digital Pathways: Bringing Work to Rural America."

SocioSite is a mega-site maintained by the Social Sciences faculty at the University of Amsterdam. It is a very comprehensive global resource for many topics, including telework.

"Telecommuting Today" is a weekly web feature sponsored by Washington, DC radio station WTOP, with news of current technology trends, implications for transportation and air quality, and more.

Telework-International is a listserv for employees, managers, consultants, freelancers and government officials, to communicate freely about business or personal experiences related to teleworking.

"Telework Works" is a video produced by the King County, WA-based organization Commuter Challenge. The video is available as a free videotape to employers in the state of Washington; others can view it only on the site. The engaging video explains the basics of telework implementation through the eyes of a manager who's learning about it and deciding if it makes sense for his company.

UK-based flexibility consultancy Home Office Partnership offers a suite of online tools and training for various aspects of implementing flexible work arrangements; see details.

The Urban Research Initiative based at New York University focuses on "information technology and the future of urban environments," and includes a "virtual library," research reports, and announcements of related seminars and conferences.

WiredCommute is a site that "creates personalized commuter solutions and addresses the entire commuting experience in one platform." It includes information about car/van pools, parking availability, directions, and more - all the things you need if you aren't telecommuting..

Working Solo is described as "the Internet site specifically designed for independent entrepreneurs." While most of the information on the site is about starting and running an entrepreneurial/small business, some of the resources and links might be of interest to corporate telecommuters and other mobile workers.

Y-Telework has been developed by Ashley Bird as part of a school project to promote the concept of telework to young people. It is a concise but very useful resource about general telework topics.
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