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One of the advantages of the Web site is to give you access to a variety of resources to help improve your program. This section of the site includes resources for your use, absolutely free of charge - all designed to help you understand telecommuting better, or to start or expand your telecommuting program. Some of these are items I've developed for various uses over the years and offer them to you; others have been prepared by colleagues and friends.

If you have something that you think would make a good resource and are willing to provide it free of charge, please contact me and we will review it.

You can also find extensive program start-up and management assistance - including some downloadable forms and checklists - in the items listed in the "How-To" Resources section of this site.

You will also find several telecommuting and teleworking resources in the Gil Gordon Associates store.

We also have an extensive reading list that may answer other questions you may have regarding these fields.

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Here are selected articles from back issues of the print edition of TELECOMMUTING REVIEW; visit the TELECOMMUTING REVIEW section for more information about this newsletter:

Anti-Sprawl: The Trendy Issue of the Year - This article from the February 1999 TELECOMMUTING REVIEW discusses the growing interest in the extent and consequences of "urban sprawl" and its connection to telecommuting. Text File

Manage (and Pay) For Results, Experts Say - This article from the March 1999 TELECOMMUTING REVIEW explores the origins of "eyeball management," or managing by observing activity, and suggests how this will change in the future.Text File

Remote Workers who are Highly Dedicated - In Many Ways: This article from the May 1999 TELECOMMUTING REVIEW provides a fascinating example of how the old meeting the new can be found in two organizations that use today's technology to provide employment and income for members of monastic orders. One is a Virginia-based company that farms out work to several orders around the country; the other is part of a monastery in remote New Mexico. These organizations are, in effect, outsourcing providers who happen to be using the skills of a small but talented group of workers whose secular activities blend with their religious and spiritual lifestyle and beliefs. Text File

Telecommuting Tax Credit Bill Introduced in New Jersey; California Bill Proposed to Modify Pollution-Reduction Spending- This article from the April 1999 TELECOMMUTING REVIEW is about a state assemblyman in New Jersey who introduced legislation that would grant a tax credit for both corporation business tax and gross income tax for employers who allow their employees to telecommute. Text File

Real Estate/Virtual Office Articles - Text Files
Here is a collection of four articles from the 1994 issues of the TELECOMMUTING REVIEW newsletter:

American Express Takes Long, Slow, and Successful Road To The Virtual Office

Are We Being Run Over By The "Virtual Office" Bandwagon?

Office Furniture Company Launches "Upstart" Workplace Consulting Unit

What's "Real" About Corporate Real Estate?

"Cactus Enterprises" Case Study - Text File
I developed this case study for use at the TELECOMMUTE '96 conference, where it stimulated lots of discussion about how to be sure telecommuting fits in with your other business strategies.

Creative Office Design Directions - Text File
New York virtual office consultant Cindy Froggatt has written an article on "New Work Directions: Creative Environments for the Future."

1999 "Crystal Ball" Feature - Text File
The January issue of my TELECOMMUTING REVIEW newsletter always includes a lengthy feature with observations and predictions about the year ahead. The January 1999 feature is titled "99 BOTTLES OF BEER ON THE WALL - AND OTHER COUNTDOWNS." It is based on that familiar (at least in the U.S.) drinking and party song. You remember how it goes: everyone sits around and sings verse after verse, slowly counting down until no bottles of beer remain. It was the only theme I could think of that related to 1999 - but has nothing to do with whether or not telecommuters actually do drink beer while working at home. You'll find some surprising comments and predictions here that show just how much the telecommuting field is changing.

Doing the Office Work Without the Office - Text File
This article is a good overview of telecommuting basics, policy issues, and the background factors that contribute to interest in telecommuting.

Employer Furniture Purchase and Usage Practices for Telecommuters - Text File
A consortium of employers involved with various forms of telecommuting and mobile work prepared this spreadsheet that portrays their practices and policies about providing home-office furniture for telecommuters. The spreadsheet summarizes the practices of eight varied employers. While this is not a large or statistically representative sample group, the results are of interest because they do provide insight into how this group of employers handles the furniture issue.

Employer Scheduling, Staffing and Work Location Issues - Text File
This is a paper presented by invitation by Gil Gordon at a U.S. Department of Labor "Telework and the New Workplace of the 21st Century" conference held on October 16, 2000 in New Orleans, LA.

Examples of Telework Tax Implications in Europe - This is a summary of special tax deductions and credits for teleworkers in Europe. It was prepared in November 1999 by Imogen Bertin of Cork Teleworking in Ireland. She gathered information from a number of her telework colleagues in Europe for this report; as such, it represents their own assessments of the situation in their countries, and is not necessarily a complete or definitive description. However, it does provide a good overview of some of the taxation issues.

Experiences with Telecentres in Germany and Abroad - Top or Flop? - Text File
This paper was written in March 1999 by Werner B. Korte of the consulting and research firm empirica GmbH (Bonn, Germany). Korte and his colleagues have been studying telework and telecenters for many years, and in this paper he assesses the status and success (or lack thereof) of these centers in Germany and elsewhere around the world.

"From "Oh?" to "Oh!" to "Oh...": The Emergence, Evolution And Impending Disappearance Of Telecommuting/Telework" - PDF Document
This essay by Gil Gordon offers a critical look at the evolution of telecommuting/telework, and an assessment of where it is in the beginning of 2003. Will telecommuting/telework really disappear? Download the essay and decide for yourself.

The "Last Word" on Productivity - Text File
This is a rather detailed commentary on the myths and truths about measuring productivity for telecommuters, and doing cost-benefit analysis for telecommuting programs. It is intended to give you some food for thought when trying to understand these issues and respond to requests for productivity measurement.

"Make 'Em Laugh, Even From a Distance" - Text File. This download is from a March 3, 2002 NEW YORK TIMES article about some innovative ways to make Web conferences more enjoyable and engaging - important considerations as web conferences become more common and, in some cases, longer.

Managers' Turn-Down Tips - Text File
It's easy to tell an employee that he or she has been approved to telecommute - but it's not so easy for a manager to tell someone that his or her work performance doesn't justify the telecommuting option. We all like to deliver the good news, but generally don't enjoy (and therefore try to avoid) delivering bad news. That's why I developed this simple set of guidelines for managers who have to tell people that they won't be telecommuting - and why. As you'll see, this somewhat uncomfortable situation can easily be turned into a positive, developmental discussion.

"Managing By Messaging" - Text File
This article by Mark Gibbs is terrific essay on the pros and cons of using e-mail to communicate with staff. As Gibbs says, it's not always easy to be fully effective as an e-mail communicator. Telecommuters and their managers and co-workers who rely on e-mail will find this article valuable, including the tips and strategies at the end.

Mobility and the New Placemakers - Text File
Prof. Franklin Becker of Cornell University's International Workplace Studies Program wrote an excellent article titled "Mobility and the New Placemakers" about changes in the nature and location of work and workplaces.

On the brink: Flexible working during the fuel crisis of September 2000 - Text File
This is a report of research conducted by Edna Murphy, New Work Solutions, Cambridge, by interviewing 35 senior executives from employers around England to determine their attitudes toward flexible work and telework as a coping strategy during fuel shortages/protests in September 2000. It provides good insights into the ways in which executives decide whether or not to allow, enable, or encourage flexible work as a business-continuation strategy.

Organizations Out of Whack: Aligning the precursors to virtual teams - Text File
This paper, provided by Applied Knowledge Group, includes the "Organizational Precursors Assessment" which is a practical guide for teams and team managers to assess the extent to which their organization is ready to move from traditional face-to-face work settings to the world of geographically dispersed teams and virtual teams.

Proven, Practical Tips for Effective Conference Calls- Text File
Looking for ways to make your conference calls less boring and more useful? Here's a set of practical do's and don'ts for using conference calls more effectively for telecommuters and other remote workers.

Telecommuter's Agreement - Text File
Here's a generic agreement that you can use as a starting point to develop your own agreement and policy. I've used various forms of this agreement with dozens of corporate clients, and it's a simple way to avoid confusion and problems for both telecommuters and the employer.

Telework Participation: Whose Choice Is It Anyway? - Text File
New York virtual office consultant Cindy Froggatt wrote a provocative article (which appeared in the March 1998 issue of alt.office journal) on the pros and cons of mandatory vs. voluntary participation in telecommuting/telework programs.

"What Will Telework Change" Speech - Tokyo, 1999 - Text File
This is the text of a presentation titled "What Will Telework Change and What Kind of Future Will It Bring?" made by Gil Gordon at the Fourth International Telework Workshop in Tokyo, Japan on September 3, 1999. You can view some photos from the conference and Tokyo here.

"Who else in my industry is using telecommuting?" Who Cares!
Gil Gordon comments on the trend to benchmark other employers' telecommuting programs - and the false sense of security this might provide.

"Work/Life - Office/Home - Day/Night: Compensating the Workplace "Slashes" of the Future" - Text File
This is an article I wrote for the American Compensation Association's JOURNAL; it describes the compensation and benefits implications of telecommuting.

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