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On Telecommuting, Telework and Alternative Officing

Do you have any questions about getting your telecommuting program started? About convincing your manager to let you work at home? About your technology decisions? These and many other subjects are covered in this FAQ section- so take time to search through it to find the answers you need.

You will notice we have divided the FAQ's into 8 topics. Each topic begins with a listing of the individual questions; you can click on a specific question to see the answer. These opening lists will make it easier for you to quickly skim the contents of each topic and then find the questions you are most interested in.

Administration and General Information
Financial Issues of Telecommuting
Selection of Jobs, Employees, and Managers
Managers and Managing
Co-workers and Clients
Home Life and Family
Technology and Equipment
Facilities and Office Design

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If you have a question about telecommuting and telework or alternative officing that isn't answered here, please send it to Gil Gordon so we can expand this FAQ list.

The article download center has many resourceful, free articles of interest and actual case studies that will further interest you in telecommuting.

The Amazon booklist will also provide you with numerous publications relating to telecommuting, telework, and alternative officing. Take a browse through our bookshelves!
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