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The law library provides information from many sources including the American Bar Association, National Law Journal, an Atlanta attorney, a Dutch researcher, and others.

This title may be of interest to you:
Office Workstations in the Home
Amsterdam attorney Victor de Pous has prepared an article (in English) on "Electronic Mail in Legal Perspective."

HR Executive Special Reports sells a report titled "Telecommuting Pluses & Pitfalls" written by an attorney, with a focus on the legal and regulatory issues. You can read a review of this report at HR.Com.

Telecommuting for Lawyers by Nicole Benson Goluboff is available.

"Telecommuting: Panacea or Pandora's Box?" by attorney Andrew Head is available.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Publication 587 titled “Business Use of Your Home” with information on home office deductions is available through this page on the IRS site.
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