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More people are doing more work in more different locations. That's why we have included this directory of existing telecenters and telecottages - many of which allow drop-in use - and of other assorted places where you can do office work away from the office. The first part of this section lists these resources (primarily telecenters/telecottages) by specific states, countries or regions.

The second part of this section is a listing of directories of regional or worldwide providers of business centers or other drop-in office resources (e.g., hotels, Internet cafes, airport Internet access, etc.). In addition, there are several other indexes available; three of the larger ones are on Yahoo, at Curious Cat travel books, and at Cybercaptive.

For additional information on technology and other resources to support mobile work, please check the Products and Services section of this site - especially the Remote LAN Access/Networking, Remote Voice/Fax/E-mail Access, and Virtual Office categories. Please let us know if there are others we should add to this list.

Telecottage/Telecenter Directory


Abbey Business Centres provides drop-in office (hot-desk) facilities across the United Kingdom and Northern Europe.

FORTHNet coordinates the Crete Telework Network, which provides telework facilities and services for remote workers and vacationers in a number of hotels and resorts on Crete.

Central de Teletrabajo is a network of telework centers in Spain that offer various business services and outsourcing support.

Rooms for Meetings is a national network of meeting room facilities in the UK. It is designed to ease searching for any available meeting room, conference room or room hire for a business meeting in and around the UK.

Serviced Office Search is a directory of Executive Offices, Executive Suites, Short Term Temporary Office Space and Office Business Centers in the UK.

TA-Telearbeit is a consulting and research firm in Germany that is doing extensive studies about European telecenters, and is working to establish a European telecenter network. They provide a description of the project and an invitation to join in their research - including the creation of a map of telecenters - here.

A directory of telecenters is available.

A description of the plans for neighborhood work centers (Metropolitan Paris only) is available.

A directory of all software technology parks in India is available.

Gainsborough Business Centers are located in London, and in Washington, DC. They provide on-demand office space and administrative services in or near central business districts.

A map of all telecottages in both Ireland and the UK is available.

The Virtual Office Group is a London-based firm that provides virtual office consulting as well as various administrative services and a drop-in work center in central London.

Telia HomeRun provides wireless access in locations across Sweden, and plans to expand to other European locations.

Directories of telecenters in Wales are available here and here.

A list of California telecenters is available here.

A directory of telecenters in Hawaii is available.

Gainsborough Business Centers are located in London, and in Washington, DC. They provide on-demand office space and administrative services in or near central business districts.

Directories of telecenters in the Washington, DC metro area are available at sites for the Washington Metro Telework Centers, the GSA Telework Center Directory, and Commuter Connections.

The Preferred Office Club provides a business center with Internet access in Washington, DC.

GMU Telework & Training Centers is a university-based telework enterprise that operates four telecenters in Northern Virginia. We are part of a 17-center network around Washington DC, sponsored by the General Services Administration to promote telecommuting and flexiplace in the federal government.

NoCommute.org is a network of seven telework centers in Northern Virginia.

Signature Business Centres in Toronto offers meeting space, Internet access, administrative services, and more.

SuiteWorks will open its first remote-work facility in the Toronto suburb of Barrie, ONT during mid-2005.

Telsec Business Centres Inc. are located in several major Canadian cities, and provide offices, meeting rooms, conferencing services and other resources for mobile workers and others who need occasional access to an office and its services.

Abbey Business Centres provides drop-in office (hot-desk) facilities across the United Kingdom and Northern Europe.

Asia-Pacific Virtual Office provides a virtual office solution in Bangkok, Thailand.

ALLIANCE Business Centers Network (ABCN) is described as "the largest international organization of business centers in the world," with executive suite office space and related services available.

Boingo provides "Wi-Fi access in hundreds of hot spot locations, including airports, hotels, coffee shops and other public spaces."

Club Med, the worldwide network of hedonistic vacation sites, also offers special "teaming" services for business groups. (Is nothing sacred?). Find out more.

EasyEverything is a global chain of Internet cafes. It claims to be the largest such chain, and among other services offers Microsoft software on a per-use basis.

Gate 3 WorkClub is a shared-services office facility in Emeryville, CA.

HQ Business Centers is described as "the largest international network of executive business centers," providing short- and long-term business facilities.

The Intelligent Office has multiple locations across the US providing office space and related services for mobile or home-based workers.

LimoLiner offers an upscale alternative to plane or train travel between New York City and Boston. Its 28-passenger, all-reserved buses provide "high-quality, personal business services that enable you to be productive en route for your entire trip. It's the only travel alternative between Boston and New York with seatside power outlets, unlimited Internet access, clear and constant cell phone reception, an onboard attendant, and worktables for meetings."

OfficeQuest is described as a "one-stop resource for instant by-the-hour access to meeting rooms, team rooms, videoconference rooms, and workstations," which allows users to "find and reserve workplace and virtual office solutions located at airports, hotels, office buildings and retail sites worldwide."

Offices2Share is a service that lists only short-term office space (three years and under, including "super short-term space" such as hourly or daily office space rentals). It lists shares, sublets, landlord-direct spaces (provided the term is under 3 years), executive suites, business/office centers, incubators, etc.

PCRoomlink (tm) provides PCs with high-speed Internet access in hotel rooms, in partnership with individual hotels.

PowerOasis is installing its data-connection and power terminals in airports and hotels. These compact units give you a data port and a power outlet for approximately 50 cents per minute.

QuickAid is an airport information directory online, which also includes a list of airports with its Internet access terminals available.

The Regal Cinema movie theater chain makes its theaters across the country available for business meetings or other gatherings. Its Regal CineMeetingsTM service offers theater facilities for training sessions, meetings, presentations and other purposes - and might be worth considering as a meeting space for a distributed workforce.

Regus specializes in fully furnished, staffed and equipped business center offices (more than 150 locations worldwide) on flexible terms.

Roadnews.com includes extensive information for "road warriors," including a moderated discussion.

Screenz Digital Universe is building a network of public-access computing locations, starting with several in the Chicago area.

Sputnik provides 802.11, or "wi-fi", access platforms that support a variety of wireless Internet access models.

STSN provides broadband access through hotel rooms; a list of hotels with this service in the US and worldwide is available.

T-Mobile wireless broadband offers high-speed Internet access at many Starbucks locations across the US, as well as in selected other locations in the US and elsewhere.

TechSpace offers flexible office space in several locations in the U.S.

Wayport "deploys high-speed Internet access and other services in hotels, conference centers and airports across North America. Travelers get fast, simple connections to the Internet and their company network using standard notebooks equipped with an Ethernet card." A current list of hotels offering this service is available.

NewWiFi access locators such as WiFiFreeSpot and WiFinder are global directories of free high-speed wireless Internet access.

WiFi global hotspot directories are available from WiFinder, HotSpot Directory, Swisscom, and WiFi Zone.

World-Wide Business Centres is a network of business centers in Europe, the US, and South America.

Your Office is an international network of pay-per-use offices and business centers, primarily in Europe and North America, offering a "business presence," space and services by the hour, day, or for longer periods.
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