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Welcome to the Telecommuting Superstore!

You'll find a variety of telecommuting resources here, and we'll continue to add more. The first sections describe products from Gil Gordon Associates (including a link to some useful FREE items to download), and then you'll find descriptions of selected additional telecommuting tools from other sources. Please use our online order form for easy and convenient shopping. If you want to suggest additional resources for us to list, just contact Gil Gordon and provide the details.

Best Practices for Telecommuting/Telework Success
Managing Guidebook
Crystal Ball Collection
Telecommuting Books
Telecommuting Videos
"Cubicle Guide" PDF
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We have an online order form available for you to complete your shopping quickly and conveniently.
Best Practices for Telecommuting/Telework Success

Everyone keeps asking me about the "best practices" for implementing telecommuting with the best results. Here they are! This resource packs more than seventeen years of my consulting experience into a seventeen-page report. I've put those best practices into these ten categories:

  1. Owners and Champions
  2. Policies and Practices
  3. Selection
  4. Facilities Usage and Planning
  5. Home Office Standards and Policies
  6. Internal Communications
  7. Managerial Competence
  8. Technology Strategy
  9. Training
  10. Work/Life Balance

Whether you're just getting started or have been involved with telecommuting implementation for years, you'll find this resource useful as a no-nonsense guide to top-quality program planning and management.

The price is only US$39.95, which includes priority-mail postage anywhere in the world.

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Managing Telecommuting Guidebook
This report gives you page after page of timely, practical tips about planning and implementing telecommuting. It is written from the perspective of a mythical manager in an insurance company; "Susan Smith" is planning to have some of her staff begin telecommuting, and you'll look over her shoulder as she thinks about how to get started.
This first-person account - and the "Best Practice" tips throughout - will give you or your managers an unusual look at implementation through the eyes of a line manager. It's forty pages of exactly the kind of information and guidance you need. The price is US$25 for North America (US$30 elsewhere by airmail).
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Crystal Ball Collection
Since 1991, the January issue of my Telecommuting Review newsletter has included my annual "Crystal Ball" article. As the title suggests, it's a look ahead at the year to come, with predictions and observations about telecommuting and telework trends and events.
Occasionally I go back and look at those predictions - and most of them have been right on target. If you'd like a quick look at the last seven years of prognostications - and a chance to find out where I've been right and wrong - order this collection of seven articles from 1991 through 1997. The price is US$20 including airmail shipping.
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Telecommuting Books
Two books on telecommuting - both widely recognized as indispensable resources for managers and employers - are available:

Telecommuting: How to Make It Work for You and Your Company
Gil Gordon, co-author
A step-by-step introduction to the field from the perspective of the line manager who wants to learn why, where and how to introduce telecommuting. It was published in 1986 and it's an "oldie but goodie" - plenty of useful information that is every bit as important today. The book costs US$15.95 for North America (US$26 elsewhere by airmail).
Special "Clean Out Gil Gordon's Garage" Book Sale

Get 'em while they last! The remaining copies of Gil Gordon's first telecommuting book - still recognized as a valuable management resource, are available at the following special prices:
Hardcover: now only US$9.95 for North America (US$20 elsewhere by air)
Paperback: now only US$5.95 for North America (US$15 elsewhere by air)
Quantity discounts: take an additional 20% discount for three or more copies of either hardcover or paperback, or any combination. All quantity orders shipped by book rate.
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Teleworking Explained
This book, co-edited by Gil Gordon and published by John Wiley, gives you updated information on all aspects of telecommuting, with an emphasis on human resources, technology, and economic issues. Sponsored by British Telecom, it has won praise around the world. You can order it here using Amazon.com.
Telecommuting Videos
The Virtual Office: Wherever Work Needs To Be
Produced by Better Communications Inc., for a consortium of business video distributors. It describes what the virtual office is, what forms it takes, how to make it work successfully, and how to avoid some common problems. It also features case studies of Ernst & Young, the Fleischmann's division of Nabisco, and Steelcase. The video comes with a detailed handbook that summarizes the key points and also offers additional how-to advice. I consulted on the script development and wrote the handbook, so I'm confident that this package will give you lots of practical, up-to-date information.
I'm really excited about this video, and enjoyed every aspect of the production (except wearing makeup when I was in the studio). You'll enjoy it too - so call or fax to purchase, rent, or preview your copy. Call VideoLearning Systems at (800) 622-3610 or fax (610) 525-2563 . You can also see more details about the video - and order it online - from VideoLearning Systems. Just go to the online catalog and search for the keyword "virtual office".

Telecommuting in the 90's
This is your best tool to clear up the skepticism and resistance from managers who understand telecommuting but aren't sure if they want to adopt it for their employees. In 20 humorous minutes, the video shows a typical manager expressing his doubts and concerns to Gil Gordon, who acknowledges his concerns and then shows the manager how telecommuting can be implemented effectively to overcome those concerns. The video costs US$125 for North America ($140 elsewhere by airmail - please specify PAL version if needed). Or, to request the detailed brochure on the video just send a message to Gil Gordon, and BE SURE to write Video Brochure in the subject line and include your name and postal mailing address, please.
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New Telephone Rings, Onion Rings, and Other Annoying Things: Getting Along in Shared Offices and Cubicles Without Tearing Out Your Hair.

It's everything you need to deal with everything that can, and often does, create problems in the office without walls or in hoteling and other situations where more than one person uses the same work area. Here's an outline of what's in this attractive 8-page guide - packed with all the tips and tricks to help your employees get along in today's office setting:

1. Introduction
2. How Did We Arrive at This Point?
3. The "Big Five" Problems to Avoid
4. Acknowledging the Things You Can't Change About Shared Offices
5. Escape Valves: Coping and Problem-Solving Strategies

I've developed the guide as a convenient PDF document, complete with attractive design, graphics, and formatting, so it's ready to use with no additional design time required. However, you can add your own customized cover letter, logo, and any other introductory material you want. You'll receive the document file ready to be customized - or I can have it done for you.

Once you purchase the guide, you can use it however you want, customized or edited as you like, and distribute it as widely and in whatever form you like at no additional charge. The only exceptions are that you can't give it away or sell it to any other organization, and you must agree to distribute any internal electronic versions in read-only, no-print format. I'll provide more details about all this upon request.

The complete guide is available for your review as a read-only, no-print PDF file. This is the full guide exactly as you would receive it for your own use - minus the "SAMPLE" overlay that appears on each page. Just call me (732-329-2266) or email me gil@gilgordon.com and I'll send you the sample version to review, and then we can discuss the attractive pricing and terms.

P.S. Remember: the cubicle wars about who's stealing whose paper clips and whose radio is too loud can and should be avoided. There's no reason to let today's shared offices deteriorate into a battle zone full of employee relations problems and distractions that plague productivity. This guide is a simple, cost-effective way to prevent these problems and make sure everyone can concentrate on getting their work done.

More general Resources
We are proud to be an Amazon.com Associate, offering access to hundreds of titles related to telecommuting and alternative officing, right here on the GGA website. You can take a moment to look through our detailed Amazon reading list, as well as conduct your own book searches with Amazon's powerful search engine. Browse through and find exciting titles to fill out your book shelves now!

Another resource for you to take a look at is the Free Article Download Section.

Here we have several articles written by Gil Gordon, and case studies that should help both the telecommuter just starting out as well as the seasoned user learn more about telecommuting and teleworking.
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