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Thank you for visiting! This site consolidates a wide variety of information from around the world, and from many different perspectives, on the subjects of telecommuting, teleworking, the virtual office, and related topics.

I've been involved in this field since 1982, as a consultant, writer, speaker, and - since May 1995 - keeping this site available and updated. The main purpose of this site is to help managers and employers understand the basics of effective telecommuting and implement successful programs. In addition, the site is very useful for companies that provide products or services for this marketplace.

If you look at the Site Map you can get a quick overview of the layout and content of the site. In addition, we have put together special pages for the most common uses of this site. These pages are a good way to enter the site, though you can enter from anywhere on the site map or using any of the links on pages throughout the site:

For a quick summary of the most recent additions and changes to the site, please check the "What's New" page.

Finally, there is a Special Message For People Seeking Work At Home and a Special Message For Students.

Our goal is to provide "one-stop" service for employers, vendors, researchers, policy-makers, and others interested in this rapidly-evolving field. This site has been recognized worldwide as an outstanding collection of telecommuting information with links to hundreds of other useful sites worldwide.

In addition to these links, you'll find several Free Resources to download, an extensive FAQ section, and an extensive listing of "How-To" resources to help you plan and manage your programs.

And while you're here, please visit the Natural Escape section for a unique diversion and a breather from your everyday work world.

Although my site is very comprehensive, I will readily admit that it's not the best site for keeping up with the latest news reports about telecommuting. For that information, I gladly defer to my colleague Bob Fortier and his InnoVisions Canada site, and encourage you to visit that site for frequent, comprehensive news updates.

Please contact me with any questions about the site - especially if you're looking for something that you believe should be here but you can't find it. I'll be glad to try to point you in the right directions. I also welcome your suggestions and general comments about the site and its content and design.

Gil Gordon

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